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I gave a copy of Al-Tasreeh, that I had and he revised it with annotations in a very useful manner, publishing it from Beirut in 1395 AH. The rain will clean the land and make it like a shining mirror.

The revision of the book made me renew my resolve to render it into Urdu and publish it with Maseeh Maw'ood I entrusted the task to my dear son Mawlana Muhammad Rafee' who teaches at the Dar ul-Uloom, Karachi. Then the earth will receive (Allah's) command that it should grow its produce and disclose its blessings all over again.

He did the work very diligently and translated the Ahadith in Al-Tasreeh in very simple and lucid Urdu with proper commentary. Thus, in those times, a pomegranade (will be so big that it) will suffice a group of people and its peel will give shade to the people, There will be so much blessing in milk that a milk-yielding she-camel will be enough for a large group of people and a milk-yielding cow will be sufficient for a whole tribe and a milk-yielding sheep will suffice a whole community.

Further, he also classified the signs of Qiyamah in proper sequence while in Al-Tasreeh they are dispersed over several Ahadith. People will live in this manner until Allah sends them a pleasant wind that will reach their armpits and take away the soul of every Believer and Muslim.

The result is that the book has become a collection of the descriptions of the signs of Qiyamah. How long He will live Hadith # Mirza lived will he live for forty 1 1 0, Abu Da- much more after coming years. Only the worst kind of people will remain (on earth) and they will commit |f £ * ■ ® Camels with long necks who are called Bukht in Arabic.

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