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At the end of the night, Quentin gets Sam to agree to perform together at The Trill, adding more and more to each arrangement, including a percussion section in the way of Aiken.


Going for a drink with some coworkers after his day of working, he hides the details of his previous life and his true identity from everyone, even making up humorous stories about his past.

(He tells his coworkers that he "fingered" Gotti and is in the protection of the Federal Witness Protection Program), Sam notices that "The Trill" tavern hosts open mic events for musicians.

Quentin shows Sam the 1978 Gibson Les Paul hanging in the store, but is unable to afford it (a source of good-natured joking between Quentin and Del).

Upon leaving the store, Sam watches a staged meeting between Quentin and Willy, a bass guitarist, in hopes that they can include him in their performances, but Sam is resistant to starting a band.

Sam declares he is not interested, and continues to listen to more and teach himself his son's material.

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