Sex dating in winchester mississippi

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Action is best on Saturday afternoons and Sundays....A little about me, I am very shy, quiet, and honest.

And you can tell by the other guys look that he's lookin... Turn left at the light just over the bridge going into Gautier. You have to pay $3 for a daily pass, but there is no harassment at all from rangers or other ... The rest areas on I-59 near Sandersville (northbound) and Heidleberg (southbound) are both hot, hot, hot. There is definitely a lot of cruising going on at this park.

Follow that road for about three miles and the park will be on the right. The entire park is cruised, but the most action takes place in the toilet by the beach. The two outside perimeter bathrooms here (not in the food court) are set up great for action. Could really be the best place around here if guys would take advantage of it more... There are numerous openings in the fences and lots of trails in the woods. Rest area located on northbound side about five miles north of Exit 271 for Coldwater approaching Hernando. You can't imagine how this place has deteriorated over the last ten years. I was there for a weekend and visited a couple of times and saw numerous guys either driving through on the prowl, or parked and looking. I don't see how you could possibly cruise here and I don't understand its 3 star rating.

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dorothy21 Age - 18Status - In a Serious Relationship winchester I want a beautiful blonde that I can do things with in front of my boyfriend Iroxxigar Age - 18Status - Single Winchester i dont know really ill know if you are awesome or not : P jakes11snake Age - 19Status - Single winchester Chill, flirtacious, playful, sweet, trustworthy, comfort, beautiful eyes and smile Sapper Engineer1 Age - 25Status - It's Complicated Winchester nice eyes, outgoing, motivated, a nice ass dont hurt lol apathy101 Age - 33Status - Undisclosed Winchester Sense of humor, eyes, easy to talk to.

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