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(Mediation requires consent by both parties, unlikely in a situation where a webmaster refuses to remove contested references from a site.)The best hope for slamming spamdexers, says Polly, would be if Web indexers themselves kept a blacklist."You'd think they'd want to do something about this," Polly declares.

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Sexsite net

Researchers from the San Jose Centre conducted a poll on MSNBC's web site to determine whether Internet sex provides mostly harmless fun or an avenue to addiction and published their findings in the journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

From a final sample of 9,177 completed surveys, researchers concluded that accessing Internet sexual venues did not have a negative impact on the lives of the vast majority (92%) of respondents.

Some experts believe that such probing may lead to addiction and other pathology by allowing a person to actualize fantasies that would otherwise remain only in the imagination.

Others feel that the Internet simply provides a convenient vehicle for exploring one's sexuality.

"We suspect that those numbers will only increase over time," adds Al Cooper Ph D, clinical director of the San Jose center and one of the study's authors.

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