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And the irony was that even though I had all those fans, the loneliness was terrible.'One night I'd played to an audience in New York, and straight after the show I was dropped off at this dump of a motel with no money, no change of clothes and left on my own.

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He says he hopes Zac won't have to go through what he went through, which was to lurch from being a struggling actor-cum-singer to signing on to star in a show entitled The Partridge Family at 20, then becoming the biggest solo singer in the world before retiring at the height of his fame at just 24. He looks remarkably good for a man of 58, and though he may struggle these days to slip into those spangly catsuits of old, he still cuts an impressively trim and compact figure.

This was followed by a period of obscurity, financial straits, depression and, finally, a rebirth as a stage star in shows like Blood Brothers and Time. David today: Apart from one procedure 'decades ago' he says he has avoided cosmetic surgery The hair is blond-grey and the occasional wrinkle has appeared around his eyes, but as even he concedes: 'I look fine.

But if all that seemed reminiscent of similarly hysteria-laden tableaux, well, that's because they were: Zac's dreamy eyes framed by long lashes, the swoony smile, the non-threatening male prettiness...

we saw it all before when the young star of The Partridge Family became a pop star and went global with hits like Could It Be Forever and I Think I Love You.

As well as his tour, he has an album of his old hits remixed by producer Craig J (who has worked with Madonna and Gwen Stefani), entitled Dance Party Remix, which is out in the UK in January, and has also had a pilot TV show accepted by an American network.

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